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I have eclectic tastes, and that holds true for software as well. Over the years, I've dabbled with many different systems. If you'd like to keep track of my current doings, I have an online journal here: journal.dedasys.com.

In addition to the projects below, some of the bits and pieces of free software I've made available here: /files, with various patches here: patches/. And finally, here is a silly Java applet that I made years ago: Googly Eyed Bill

Past Projects:

HeclHecl - The Mobile Scripting Language is a high-level scripting language implemented in Java. It is intended to be small, extensible, extremely flexible, and easy to learn and use. It is intended as a complement to the Java programming language, not a replacement. As such, it tries to do well what Java doesn't, and leaves those tasks to Java for which it is best suited. It is also easy to add Hecl to Java, or write new Hecl commands in Java. It aims to be a very immediate language so that you can pick it up and start doing useful things with it quickly. Of particular interest is the fact that it's small enough to run on Java-enabled cell phones, so you can quickly script applications for them!

LinuxSì was a place to share and find information about computer stores in Italy that are Linux friendly, sell hardware sans Windows, or even with Linux installed.

langpop.com was a site that collected and displayed statistics about the popularity of various programming languages.

In the past, I did a lot of work with the Tcl programming language, which is often unfairly maligned by those with a poor or outdated understanding of it.

Apache Tcl Logo I was the "Vice President" of Apache Tcl within the Apache Software Foundation, and the co-author of Apache Rivet (like PHP, but uses Tcl), and have also contributed to WebSH.

Debian Logo I was a Debian maintainer from 1997 until around 2006. I'm still very grateful to Debian for the opportunity it represented in terms of learning and getting involved with free software. These days, I mostly use Ubuntu, which is a derivative of Debian.

eCos Logo eCos - eCos is an embedded, real time operating system. I have written a couple of example applications for it:

TclMagick is a Tcl (and Tk) interface to the GraphicksMagick / ImageMagick image libraries. Particularly useful because it handles all kinds of image formats, and doesn't require Tk to run, although a Tk interface exists to display images. I aided in the development of TclMagick and created the TkMagick Tk glue. TclMagick Logo

Emacs - Emacs is an editor, and much, much more. I have written some fun and useful extensions for it:
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